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Mereshka Shop June 3 at AM ·. Hand remembered that she used to draw pretty good. The head realized that sometimes you have to let go.

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Mereshka Shop June 2 at AM ·. Hey, hey! Yesterday I added new colors of mulin from DMC to the shop. Further shades of metallised mulin and all the colors of the Coloris series have appeared. Each skein has several different shades e. Mereshka Shop June 1 at AM ·. How many projects do you have in progress? Mereshka Shop May 29 at AM ·.

Strange day behind me. I packed two orders this morning, and then I took care of cleaning.

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But they are threats. Secret Bitcoin billionaires to renounce their US citizenship before cashing in? Wrocław odwiedzi paru ludzi odpowiedzialnych za selekcję do zagranicznych festiwali - być może jedna lub więcej polskich premier spodoba się na tyle, że trafią do ich repertuaru. John McClane : No fucking shit, lady. The autofloor system for production of upraise table bs Wszystkie moduły szufladowe.

In a widely understood studio, which is also a living room, bedroom, dining room Unfortunately, in an apartment with a film less than many larger room in the block, the borders are blurred. Every once in a while, you also have to clean up thorough. Without scruples to get rid of unnecessary things that still arrives. Mereshka Shop May 28 at AM ·. The quality of our work tools is not meaningless. Sure, a skilled artist will create a work of art with the cheapest crayons, but if you can choose something better quality, why shouldn't we use it?

Mereshka Shop May 25 at AM ·. This weekend for the first time since Christmas, I went to my family home. I haven't kept my nose out of my apartment since March. I only went to the nearest store twice a week and paczkomatu. Had to cancel some scheduled workshops.

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Missed contact with nature - walking in the woods, its smell. I felt like a bird trapped in a cage. Mereshka Shop is in Włocławek. May 16 at AM ·. Let me answer this: I was born in My middle name is Kamila because I was supposed to be a boy. During the winter period I only drink hot tea and coffee. I met my boyfriend online. Mereshka Shop May 14 ·. Not embroidery at all. What are you working on right now?

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Randek working table and butterfly table BS40 is an efficient tool when producing prefabricated walls, floors, roofs, and gable elements in timber frame or steel. BS20 in a 2-table solution, equipped with hydraulic squaring and hole beams. Uniwersalny, wydajny system do produkcji domów prefabrykowanych.

Or do you happen to create something other than just embroidery? Mereshka Shop May 8 ·. I asked you under the first photo with the cat, how long do you think it took me to embroidery this part of his mouth. The answers were different - a few hours, a few days. Sometimes more, sometimes less similar to the truth. And the truth is, this piece of embroidery is about 10 hours of my work.

I'm counting just embroidery here. However, I should add project preparation, choosing mulina colors, preparing a job position Did you guess how much time it took to embroidery this cat face? Mereshka Shop May 7 ·. I won't hide. What a composition to create from them What topic do you feel the best on?

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Mereshka Shop May 6 ·. My library has recently grown by a lot of book positions regarding embroidery. I have plans to write a review of each of them on the blog.

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Surely they will also be an invaluable source of knowledge while writing other posts. Now I have no excuses! I need to start hard writing more articles! What would you like to read about? Mereshka Shop May 5 ·. Butterfly was is it? It was also supposed to appear as a starter kit, but I put the idea for better times. Mereshka Shop May 3 ·. Can I give up having beautiful embroidery scissors as an embroidery? I suppose so. But what for? May 2 ·.

I think I embroidery the first cat ever a year ago you can see the end result in the second photo. I was curious how I would deal with this task after these few months of training.